Write Reviews, Earn Points and Redeem for Coupons or Membership

Write Reviews, Earn Points and Redeem for Coupons or Membership

If you are an e-smoker or familiar with e-cigarettes or related, and you enjoy writing product reviews and would like to be rewarded for your time and effort, then, welcome to join our Point Reward Program.

How It Works? Very Easy!

Step1 A registered account at TOIHK.com is needed, so that you can accept the rewarded points.

Step2 Write a qualifying review that is at least 30 words long in an eligible product page, you’ll earn Rewards Points that will be awarded to your account and visible on “Your Reward Points” of your profile After Approval.

About Points Redemption, please refer Click Here.

Point Reward Program Notes:

  • Be at least 30 words long.
  • Only be related to products that are listed on www.toihk.com
  • Not contain any inappropriate, copied, plagiarized or bogus content.
  • Contain unique and helpful product information throughout the review.
  • Be aware the spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. Reviews that contain repetition of characters, repeated content copied throughout the review, or other information that is not helpful to the consumer will not qualify.
  • Clearly be written by a human.
  • Reviews that fail to meet each of above quality standards will be deemed ineligible for points reward.
  • TOIHK all rights reserved.

Questions or problems? Please contact us: toihk[at]toihk.com

TOIHK.com Team

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