Anyvape Technology: World-class Quality Electronic Cigarette

Why Choose Anyvape Technology?
Anyvape Technology Limited is a Professional Electronic Cigarette supplier and manufacturer, it provides the Top Quality E-cigarettes for customers globally. Anyvape Technology integrates designing, producing, and on-line selling into one, enables customers to conclude orders within the shortest possible time.

Anyvape Electronic Cigarette

Why Choose Anyvape Electronic Cigarette?
Mention Anyvape Electronic Cigarette, there’s Anyvape Tecab Series E-cigarette, Anyvape Alips Series E-cigarette and some other upgraded series. But here we mainly talk about Anyvape CVI E-cigarette. Anyvape CVI Series Electronic Cigarette combined almost all the mainstream e-cigarette technology, there’s highly flexible & customizable components. Features:

1) Selected quality brass and alloy material, accurate cutting and moulding make the Anyvape E-cigarette lightweight, solid and durable, this is the basic factor for a world-class branded e-cigarette.

anyvape e cigarette

2) Great Clearomizer compatibility, mainstream 510/eGo thread, it compatible with almost all type of Atomizers, Cartomizers, Clearomizers. This is also a very important factor for a World-class Electronic Cigarette.

anyvape clearomizer compatibility

3) Newest Variable Voltage Technology, flexible adjustment with easy-to-use OLED figure display and smart auto-memorize function, adjustable voltage range from 3v to 6v with accurate 0.1v increments, adjustable power consumption from 3w to 15w with 0.5w increments, convenient than any other mainstream e-cigarettes.

4) Customizable & Replaceable power supply, with optional and detachable battery tube, it supports 18650 battery, or optional 1 or 2 18350 battery. It brings amazingly up to 5 Amperage current output, definitely this outstanding performance Anyvape Electronic Cigarette would bring smokers amazing smokes and great throat hit experience. Besides, there’s power protection system, OLED display and Atomizer lock on/off protection, more safe and stable.

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